Vänga mosse ovanifrån

Vänga Mosse

Here you'll find magnificent scenery and a rich bird life.

Just under half an hour from Borås is Vänga mosse. A scenic and easy hike where part of the hike is wheelchair accessible on wide wooden trails. There is a rich bird life here and is suitable for both families who seek an adventure or those who want to experience magnificent nature surroundings.

You can reach Vänga Mosse in about 30 minutes by car from Borås. Parking is available, but the number of spaces is limited. You can also take the bus (line 582) from Borås travel centre in 35 minutes, the nearest stop is 700 metres from the trail and is called Vänga Kyrka.

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Fyra surdegslimpor på bord

Visit Vänga Mill café & bakery

500 metres from the Vänga Mosse hiking trail you'll find a charming mill café and sourdough bakery in a unique setting with scenic surroundings. You don't want to miss it!

Hiking trail Vänga Mosse

The hiking trail is between 2.3 kilometres to 4.9 kilometres depending on how you choose to walk. The circular route starting and finishing at the western car park is 2.3 kilometres and if you walk that plus the footbridge to the eastern car park, you will walk 4.9 kilometres in total. The trail is marked with wooden signs saying "Vängaleden".
Classification: Easy
Wheelchair accessible: No, but there is a shorter 1.8 kilometre walk that is accessible. The trail is on completely flat ground and is mostly on wooden boards across the moor, including a short stretch on road and gravel path.