Borås TME is the destination company of the city.

About the company

Borås TME AB was established in 2010 as a result of a three-year project between Borås Municipality and Borås Business Community. The company is part of the municipality's group of companies and is 91% owned by Borås Stadshus AB and 9% owned by Borås Business Community Economic Association. In recent years, both the external environment and Borås itself have undergone changes, and as a result, the company's mission has evolved. Initially, the focus was on attracting events and tourists, but now it has expanded to a broader scope.

Our purpose is to ensure that Borås is perceived as a highly attractive city for residents and visitors alike. The company will proactively market the city while actively working to improve and develop current activities within the tourism industry and place development. Our vision is for people in Borås to feel like saying, "I want to stay here!"


At Borås TME, we are a team of 20 dedicated employees working in the fields of tourism, meetings, and events (TME). One thing we all have in common is our passion for our city. Here you can find our contact information.

Alexandra Perez Liberg


0702-21 57 57

Anna Lilja


0734-32 75 06

Anna Liljenby

Samordnare stadsliv

0734-32 88 15

Annika E Andersson


0734-32 76 90

Erica Burman

Grafisk kommunikatör

0734-32 76 88

Evelina Parheden


0766-30 63 89

Frida Stålhandske

Producent Textile Fashion Center

0704-40 11 91

Git Guldare

Samordnare Textile Fashion Center

0707-76 13 09

Hanna Eriksson

Praktikant kommunikatör

0702-59 58 29

Henrik Björnander


0733-56 36 02

Jessica Till

Koordinator näringsliv och skola

0707-36 39 86

Katja Sjöblom

Digital kommunikatör

0733-11 34 77

Malin Länsberg


0766-30 63 95

Marita Curran


0734-32 75 04

Maria Fallbäck

Content manager

0768-88 70 86

Markus Persson

Affärsutvecklare Besöksnäring

0763-21 21 31

Niclas Björkström

Administrativ chef

0734-32 75 08

Zorka Vukobrat


0734-32 76 89