Grönområde vid Borås Museum

The Museum of Borås

A green oasis with historic buildings and museums.

Borås' equivalent to Stockholm's Skansen is located in Ramnaparken and forms a green oasis in the middle of the city, with historic buildings, green spaces and a museum. It is a meeting place for crafts and an arena for handicrafts and creativity. Here you can get to know the Sjuhärads region and at the same time feel the winds of history.

Experience the home of the home weaver, the old Nordic cottages, which with its lofts and keyhole-shaped farmhouse spires shows the settlement of the 1600-1800s. You can also see one of the 18th-century farmhouses preserved after the city fires - Nymanska Gård as well as the church Ramnakyrkan which is a preserved wooden church from the 17th century.

End your visit at the inn from Ramslätts village which today houses Café Gästis.

Exteriör Torpa Stenhus

More historical places

Visit Torpa stenhus

Feel the winds of history at one of Sweden's best-preserved manor houses from the 16th century. Experience the unique architecture and take part in exciting stories at the castle. Several ghosts are said to wander the dark halls of Torpa Stenhus….